Underfloor Heating Pipes & Water Leak Detection Testing

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Underfloor Heating Pipes & Water Leak Detection

Thermal imaging can detect leaks from hot water pipes even when they are not visible to the naked eye. If you’re suffering a drop in pressure from your boiler or manifold but not sure where to look, thermography could be the solution.

The camera will pick up the line of underfloor heating pipes, and at the point of leakage there is often a ‘balloon’ of heat. Secondary checks like moisture meters can be used here to confirm.

The technique is most effective when heating pipes are set in screed, and the heat can transfer to the surface through conduction.  Where you have a boiler & radiator system, thermal imaging infrared can still often find the leak, however if the Central Heating pipes are beneath a suspended timber floor, and the water is dripping in to the solum, it may not be possible. We are relying on the leak to create a variation in the surface of the floor above. Please call us on 01357520557 for further information.

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