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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Scotland

Discover which areas of your building are allowing heat to escape. Thermal Image UK Ltd conducts extensive thermal imaging on structures in Scotland. Through this non-contact, non-intrusive procedure, we identify energy loss points caused by missing or defective insulation, thermal bridges, moisture penetration and excessive air leakage. All these acquaint you with newfound structural problems and enable you to address them effectively.

Why Invest in Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging presents several advantages for your building, especially in terms of energy efficiency. You can:

  • Install new, effective insulation
  • Replace or fix windows that let cold air enter the home
  • Repair areas of the roof that allow warm air to escape
  • Detect and address water ingress points
  • Refrain from consuming more energy than necessary, reducing energy bills
  • Reduce your carbon footprint

Our team conducts both interior and exterior surveys to create a coherent heat loss report on the building.

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Thermal Image UK Ltd provides a comprehensive interpretation of the infrared images that would reinforce your maintenance and investment procedures.

Our surveys are performed by Certified Level 2 Thermographers in accordance with BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings.

Please note that while the estimated energy loss of a building can theoretically be calculated if the interior and exterior surface and air temperatures and the thermal properties of the walls are known, some factors, like unavoidable measurement errors, structural anomalies and the weather would materially affect the accuracy of such calculations.

Our approach is to identify the anomalies in the building and quantify energy loss in other ways. This is consistent with the standards laid out by BS EN13187:1999.

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  • Surveys and reports to BS:EN standards
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“Great professional work and a really fast turn-around for the results – I would highly recommend Thermal Image UK to anyone requiring air permeation testing.” Dave Cook, Southend, Argyll – June 2018


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