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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Perth

Make your building more energy efficient through powerful thermal imaging in Perth. Thermal Image UK Ltd uses high-resolution thermography to expose the areas of your home or business that cause substantial energy loss. Thermal imaging is non-contact, non-intrusive and reliable, enabling you to prepare effective remedial work and improve overall energy efficiency.

Perth is often called the Fair City of Scotland. Why not make it a greener and cleaner city, as well? Call us today to book a survey.

How Thermal Imaging Improves Energy Efficiency

Infrared images show the sections of the walls and roof that allow warm air to escape, causing the building’s heating system to consume more energy. Through thermal imaging, you can:

  • Detect water ingress points, which paves the way for rot
  • Locate areas of the walls with defective insulation
  • Identify windows and parts of the roof that allow heat to escape or let in too much cool air

By addressing these issues (installing new insulation, replacing windows, etc.), the energy efficiency of the building increases, reducing energy consumption and costs. Moreover, the building generates less carbon emissions and a lower carbon footprint.

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With over a decade of experience providing thermal imaging services, our team has built a reputation for helping people form maintenance and investment procedures.

The surveying will be handled by Certified Level 2 Thermographers, so trust that the procedure will undergo a standardised approach. We provide a comprehensive interpretation of the infrared images to help you plan remedial work. Our team follows the BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings, especially when quantifying the energy loss of the structure.

Trust that our experts can locate the anomalies in your building and quantify energy loss through reliable methods consistent with the BS EN13187:1999.

Improve your building’s energy efficiency and green credentials.


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