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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Newcastle

Learn how you can improve your building’s energy efficiency level. Thermal Image UK Ltd conducts high-resolution thermal imaging in Newcastle that identifies parts of a building that allow for substantial heat loss. It’s a non-contact, non-intrusive process that uncovers missing or defective insulation, thermal bridges, air leakage and moisture penetration.

Our team extends our services to homes and commercial enterprises in Newcastle. We provide a comprehensive interpretation of the infrared images to support your maintenance and investment decisions.

Newcastle is known as a bustling centre of poetry and architectural heritage. Help preserve the iconic city by contributing less to the carbon emissions in the area. Contact us today to book a thermal imaging procedure.

Thermal Imaging Reduces Your Energy Consumption

Our high-resolution images show you energy-saving improvements you can perform on your building. It reveals, among others:

  • Parts of the walls with missing or defective insulation
  • Parts of the roof and windows that allow heat to escape
  • Sections of the house with water ingress (which could start rot)

Once you address these problems, your building won’t consume more energy than necessary, which leads to lower energy consumption and costs. Improved energy efficiency also reduces the carbon footprint the building generates.

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Prepare your home for the cold months in Newcastle. At Thermal Image UK Ltd, your thermal imaging survey will be handled by Certified Level 2 Thermographers — rest easy knowing that your project will undergo a standardised approach. All our methods are done in accordance with BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings.

The act of measuring the amount of energy the structure loses receives special attention from our team.

Thermal Image UK Ltd would locate the anomalies and quantify energy loss through other methods that are also consistent with BS EN13187:1999.

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Thermal Image UK Ltd provides quotes for various air permeability requirements, from early advisory tests to the final certification.Thermal Image UK Ltd was established a decade ago, and it employs three seasoned technicians. We’re based in Central Scotland, which means we can easily reach various locations in the country without any trouble. We’re also one of the few businesses that use blower doors and thermography together to produce reliable results. Expect a quick turnaround time, too.


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