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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Manchester

Calculate the energy cost savings you can make on your property with better energy efficiency protocols. Thermal imaging survey shows the areas of a home or business that cause major energy loss by letting warm air escape. Common culprits include air leakages, thermal bridges, water ingress and, more importantly, defective or missing insulation.

These are common yet hidden issues among the Manchester’s extraordinary architectural works.

Thermal Image UK Ltd surveys homes and commercial buildings in Manchester to uncover these heating problems. Our thermal imaging work is non-intrusive, non-contact and high-resolution, reducing energy costs and energy efficiency.

Help make Manchester a greener city. Contact us today, and let’s assess your building.

Why Thermal Imaging Is Crucial to Energy Efficiency

Book a thermal imaging survey today, and you’ll discover which parts of your home drive up your energy consumption unnecessarily. The infrared images show:

  • Parts of the roof that allow excessive heat to escape
  • Windows that pave the way for energy loss
  • Parts of the wall with inadequate insulation
  • Sections of the house with water ingress

Addressing these problems improves the energy efficiency of the building, reduces energy costs and produces less carbon emissions. You contribute to Manchester’s goal of decreasing its carbon footprint.

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Thermal Image UK Ltd has more than ten years of conducting thermographic surveys, helping buildings in Manchester improve their green credentials. Thermal imaging is done by Certified Level 2 Thermographers to ensure a uniform approach. We follow the specifications laid out by the BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings.

Rest assured that our thermographers would locate the structural anomalies and quantify energy loss through more accurate methods.

Assess the energy performance of your building in Manchester.


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