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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Liverpool

Discover the areas of your home that contribute to major energy loss. Thermal Image UK Ltd performs thermal imaging in Liverpool, helping home and business owners improve their properties’ energy efficiency. Our procedure is non-contact, non-intrusive and reveals areas with moisture penetration, thermal bridges, air leakage and missing or defective insulation.

Liverpool is more than just the home of The Beatles — it’s a historical city filled with grand architecture, bustling ports and some of the friendliest people in the UK. Help preserve the area by using less energy and producing less carbon emissions.

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Benefits of Thermal Imaging to Your Structure

The main advantage of thermography is that it shows you the heating problems that drive bills and carbon emissions up. Our high-resolution thermal imaging:

  • Detects faulty or missing insulation on the walls
  • Locates parts of the roof that enable warm air to escape
  • Determines which windows make the entire structure lose heat
  • Spot sections with water ingress, which starts the rot

Once you find the problematic spots in your property, you can prepare remedial work. With the whole building properly insulated, energy consumption and costs decreases.

On top of that, your building produces a smaller carbon footprint — a sign your team is committed to doing its part in achieving UK’s goal of protecting the environment.

Book a Thermal Imaging Survey in Manchester

Before the cold months come upon Manchester, call seasoned technicians with over a decade of experience in thermal imaging. At Thermal Image UK Ltd, your survey will be carried out by Certified Level 2 Thermographers, who follow the stringent BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings. Expect a standardised approach to surveying your building.

Rest assured that our team would identify the structural anomalies and quantify energy loss utilising other methods consistent with the BS EN13187:1999.

Evaluate the energy efficiency of your building in Liverpool.


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