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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Glasgow

Improve the energy efficiency of your Glasgow building with Thermal Image UK Ltd. This city is known not only for its stunning architecture, but also for its commitment to leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

Be a part of this movement by working with our team. Our thermal imaging uncovers the energy losses from ineffective or missing insulation, excessive moisture penetration, air leakage and thermal bridges. Our seasoned technicians expose structural problems that inhibit energy efficiency and drive up your energy bills.

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The Solutions Provided by Thermal Imaging

Thermal images show the areas of your building that let heat escape — the culprits behind a chilly home and high energy costs. After discovering these problems, you can:

  • Replace defective insulation to miminise heat loss
  • Replace or repair windows and parts of the roof that allow cold air to infiltrate the building
  • Locate water ingress points and stop wooden frames from rotting

All these lead to improved energy efficiency, which reduces energy bills, produces less carbon emissions and contributes to Scotland’s goal of minimising the country’s carbon footprint.

Trust Our Team for Your Building’s Needs

Your thermal imaging will be carried out by our Certified Level 2 Thermographers, who follow the BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings to ensure a standardised procedure.

Our thermographers conduct interior and exterior surveys to create a comprehensive view of the building’s energy loss. Our approach involves using thermography to locate structural anomalies and calculate energy loss through more accurate means.

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