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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Edinburgh

Increase your building’s energy efficiency by working with Thermal Image UK Ltd. Our thermal imaging surveys expose areas of the building that allow for substantial heat loss. Our non-contact, non-intrusive procedure identifies areas with faulty insulation, moisture penetration, thermal bridges and air leakage, so you can address them and keep your energy bills in check.

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Thermal Imaging for Energy Efficiency

The main goal of our services is to help you improve your building’s energy efficiency, whether it’s a Georgian House or a small flat. Thermal imaging enables you to:

  • Locate parts of the wall with faulty installation
  • Identify windows and parts of the roof that allow for substantial air leakage
  • Spot areas with moisture penetration

Once these issues are addressed, your building won’t consume more energy than necessary and keep energy expenses to a minimum. With sufficient insulation, the building will be cosy and comfortable, no matter how chilly the weather is in Edinburgh.

Moreover, the structure will produce less carbon emissions; generate a lower carbon footprint.

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Your building’s energy loss levels will be assessed by our Certified Level 2 Thermographers according to the BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings. We survey the interior and exterior sections of the walls and provide an interpretation of the images. These data will support your investment and maintenance decisions.

Rest assured that, through high-resolution infrared images, our team would locate the anomalies in your building and quantify energy loss as accurately as possible.

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