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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Dundee

Work with Thermal Image UK Ltd to reduce the energy losses of your Dundee building. Although your city is one of the sunniest places in Scotland, poorly insulated structures will still be uncomfortably cold.

Using high-resolution thermal imaging, our team uncovers the areas of the building that allow heat to escape, increase energy expenditure and generate a massive amount of carbon emissions. These heating issues usually stem from defective insulation, thermal bridges, moisture penetration and air leakage.

With the knowledge of the problematic spots in your home or business, you can prepare maintenance procedures and investment plans confident in your data. Contact us today to book a thermal imaging survey.

Thermal Imaging: A Must in Dundee

Once the cold months fall upon Dundee, your building must be properly insulated for its occupants’ wellbeing and to prevent untoward damage to the structure. With thermal imaging, you can:

  • Identify the parts of the building with ineffective insulation
  • Locate the parts of the roof that allow a substantial amount of heat to escape
  • Detect windows that also let warm air escape
  • Spot water ingress, which can start rot formation in your building

Once you solve these issues, your building’s energy efficiency increases, and your energy bills will decrease in turn. Additionally, your building will produce less carbon emissions and improve your green credentials

— making Dundee a cleaner and greener city.

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Your thermal imaging will be handled by Certified Level 2 Thermographers who follow the standardised approach recommended by the BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings.

Our team surveys both the exterior and interior walls to create a robust report of the energy loss of your building.

Rest assured that high-resolution thermography can locate the anomalies in the structure as accurately as possible.


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