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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Argyll

Assess the performance of your building’s insulation with Thermal Image UK Ltd. Although Argyll rarely experiences extreme cold weather, structures that suffer huge energy losses create an uncomfortably cold environment for its occupants.

Through powerful thermography, we locate the areas of your building which loses a substantial amount of heat. Our non-contact, non-intrusive procedure exposes defective insulation, heavy air leaks, moisture penetration and thermal bridging, so you can address them and improve energy efficiency.

Thermal Image UK Ltd extends our services to residential and commercial structures in Argyll. Contact us today to book the service.

Thermal Imaging: An Asset in Improving Green Credentials

The main advantage of thermal imaging is it reduces the structure’s carbon footprint by improving its energy efficiency. Our high-resolution infrared images:

  • Show which parts of the roof the quickly lose heat
  • Identify windows that allow warm air to escape
  • Spot water ingress, which could start rot in the building
  • Uncover defective or missing insulation

Once you learn the heating issues in your building, you can prepare effective remedial work, which results in lower energy consumption and costs. Adequate insulation also allows for less carbon emissions and a smaller carbon footprint — a smart way to preserve Argyll’s pristine beauty.

Work with Thermal Image UK Ltd

Our team boasts more than a decade of experience in thermography, completing hundreds of job in Argyll each year. We have Certified Level 2 Thermographers who conduct thermal imaging in accordance with BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings.

To help you make important maintenance and investment decisions, we provide a comprehensive interpretation of the infrared images.


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