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Thermal Imaging for Buildings in Aberdeen

Assess the condition of your insulation with Thermal Image UK Ltd. We provide reliable thermal imaging solutions to residential and commercial establishments in Aberdeen. This non-intrusive, non-contact procedure locates areas of the building that allow for substantial energy loss. Culprits include defective or missing insulation, air leakage, thermal bridges and moisture penetration.

The weather in Aberdeen is notoriously chilly, so it’s best to uncover heating issues and address them before the cold months come. Contact us today to book a thermal imaging survey.

Why Aberdeen Buildings Need Thermal Imaging

Effective insulation is non-negotiable in cold areas like Aberdeen, and thermal imaging exposes the spots in your building that let warm air escape. The infrared images enable you to prepare remedial work, like:

  • Replacing or repairing windows that let in too much cold air
  • Fixing parts of the roof that allow energy loss
  • Installing effective insulation in areas with worn-out ones
  • Detecting sections of the structure with water ingress

Once you address these problems, your building’s energy efficiency level will improve, driving down energy bills. The structure will also produce less carbon emissions and, by extension, a smaller carbon footprint.

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Work with Thermal Image UK Ltd’s Certified Level 2 Thermographers — seasoned experts with a standardised approach to thermal imaging. We provide a comprehensive interpretation of the infrared images to help you form investment and maintenance decisions.

We follow methods that comply with BS EN13187:1999 Thermal Performance of Buildings, even in calculating the energy loss of the building.

This is our approach: we use thermal images to locate the structural anomalies and quantify energy loss in other ways. These methods are consistent with BS EN13187:1999.

Improve your Aberdeen building’s energy efficiency.


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