Is my building ready for an air tightness test?

By admin On Wednesday, 12th, 2019

Thermal imaging is a great tool for a technician, but it is only a tool – and it is rarely just a matter of simply turning up and pointing the camera in right direction.

For Building Standards Certification, the building should be fully complete and the test carried out just before occupation, often while the painters are in. Common areas that can be over looked include: -

- Panels not fitted to pipe chase access points;

- Electrical and computer sockets not fitted;

- Windows fitted but not finally sealed;

- Incoming service penetrations not sealed;

- Draught-proofing around doors not completed - often internal door to garage;

- Intended beading or sealing to skirting boards not completed;

- Flue pipes not sealed to wall (speak to Gas Safe engineer if in doubt);

- Random other areas of incomplete work - like below these kitchen units!

All of these will add to the amount of air leakage from a dwelling, and to test now may lead to an inaccurate result.

It's difficult to be specific about how much of an affect each of the above areas can have on the measured air permeability, so we strongly recommend checking with us before we arrive on site if any work is likely to be incomplete of if you have any doubts.

From our base in Lanarkshire we carry out testing in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.


If you require air leakage, air pressure, air tightness testing in Scotland

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