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Reliable Air Tightness Testing in Scotland

Secure your building’s compliance with Section 6 of Scottish Building Standards. Thermal Image UK Ltd provides reliable air tightness tests that evaluate if a building’s air leakage (also referred to as air tightness) is up to standard.

Air permeability — the rate of air leakage — is expressed in m3/hr/m2 and measured at a reference pressure difference of 50 Pa. The higher the result, the greater the amount of heat loss through draughts and air infiltration. Work with Thermal Image UK Ltd to check if your new building has adequate air tightness.

Creating Airtight Dwellings

Our air tightness tests help you:

  • Keep energy expenses to a minimum and produce lower carbon emissions
  • Allow for minimal heat loss during winter
  • Minimise the risk for interstitial condensation
  • Improve sound transmission

Air tightness tests are usually conducted towards the end of the construction process, and the results are incorporated into the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations.

How We Perform Air Tightness Tests

Thermal Image UK Ltd provides quotes for various air permeability requirements, from early advisory tests to the final certification.

Once we receive your enquiry, we discuss your requirements over the phone then send a written confirmation. Often, we conduct a site visit before providing the quote. Our team then schedules the test, considering good weather conditions. The method statement and risk assessment reports are submitted to you before we perform the survey.

We use calibrated Retrotec equipment to de-pressurise a building and take airflow measurements, which will be summarised in a written report. Thermal Image UK Ltd can issue Air Permeability Certificates within 24 hours.

If your structure fails the test, we can use high-resolution thermography and smoke testing to identify areas that leak air excessively.

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Thermal Image UK Ltd provides quotes for various air permeability requirements, from early advisory tests to the final certification. Thermal Image UK Ltd was established a decade ago, and it employs three seasoned technicians. We’re based in Central Scotland, which means we can easily reach various locations in the country without any trouble. We’re also one of the few businesses that use blower doors and thermography together to produce reliable results. Expect a quick turnaround time, too.

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