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Thermal Image UK Ltd helps you achieve compliance with the ideal air permeability set by the Scottish Building Standards. With over ten years of experience testing air tightness, our team helps buildings and homes in Argyll achieve an acceptable air permeability rate.

Using powerful, calibrated Retrotec equipment, we de-pressurise a building and record air flow measurements. If your building fails the test, we can use thermography to identify air leakage points, so you can prepare effective remedial work.

These are the buildings that require air tightness testing:

  • Flats and maisonettes that have warrants from May 2011
  • Other homes with warrants from October 2011

We also test current constructions in Argyll. Call Thermal Image UK Ltd to check your building’s air permeability today.

Creating Airtight Dwellings

Our air tightness tests help you:

  • Keep energy expenses to a minimum and produce lower carbon emissions
  • Allow for minimal heat loss during winter
  • Minimise the risk for interstitial condensation
  • Improve sound transmission

Air tightness tests are usually conducted towards the end of the construction process, and the results are incorporated into the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) and Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) calculations.

Building Airtight Structures

Scotland aims to reduce its carbon footprint, which is why stringent laws are in place to ensure buildings don’t consume more energy than necessary.

Contribute to this goal by complying with Section 6 of the Scottish Building Standards. By making your building airtight, you reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency. You also minimise energy costs and your carbon footprint.

Additionally, adequate air permeability levels allow for proper ventilation, reducing the risk for interstitial condensation and provides comfort to occupants.

How We Conduct Tests in Argyll

Expect a quick turnaround time from our efficient team. We’ll talk about your requirements over the phone and send a written confirmation, to be followed by a method statement and risk assessment. In some cases, we have to conduct site visits before we provide a price quotation. We are based in Central Scotland, so we can easily access Argyll.

We’ll perform the test and provide a verbal debrief after. We’ll also submit a written report. Air Permeability Certificates can be issued within 24 hours.

Let Thermal Image UK Ltd help you build more energy efficient buildings. We have three seasoned technicians who complete hundreds of jobs each year.


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