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Thermal Image UK (TIUK) was formed in February 2008, and specialises in thermal imaging and air tightness testing.


The Best Tools For The Most Accurate Results

We have invested in the highest resolution thermal imaging equipment commercially available in the UK - NEC's TH9260 - allowing us to record detailed thermal images, even on large buildings. While lower resolution cameras and services are available, our equipment allows us to measure and analyse small but significant temperature differences on external walls. We also automatically record comparative daylight images, and other image information. View the images on this site, or call and ask for specific examples to be forwarded to you.
For air tightness testing / air pressure testing / air leakage testing we make use of Retrotec fans, gauges and software.
More Details

Test Engineer. Colin joined Thermal Image UK in March 2013 and is a qualified thermographer and BINDT registered air tightness tester. Colin has an extensive range of experience in the investigation and testing of structures and materials since 1989, and his knowledge adds significantly to the technical capabilities of ......
Colin Davidson,
Test Engineer

Tom held senior positions with Scottish Power and Prudential UK prior to forming Thermal Image UK in February 2008. Tom is a Certified Level 2 Thermographer - Infrared Institute, and is accredited by BINDT to perform air tightness testing in Scotland and around the UK. Contact Tom on 01357 520557

How We Perform Air Tightness Tests

Thermal Image UK Ltd provides quotes for various air permeability requirements, from early advisory tests to the final certification.

Once we receive your enquiry, we discuss your requirements over the phone then send a written confirmation.


Often, we conduct a site visit before providing the quote. Our team then schedules the test, considering good weather conditions. The method statement and risk assessment reports are submitted to you before we ....


We use calibrated Retrotec equipment to de-pressurise a building and take air flow measurements, which will be summarised in a written report.Ther-mal Image UK Ltd can issue Air Permeability Certificates within 24 hours.


If your structure fails the test, we can use high-resolution thermography and smoke testing to identify areas that leak air excessively.

Verified Services

  • Surveys and reports to BS:EN standards
  • iATS Approved

What Our Clients Say

“Great professional work and a really fast turn-around for the results – I would highly recommend Thermal Image UK to anyone requiring air permeation testing.” Dave Cook, Southend, Argyll – June 2018


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