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Uneven wall temperatures (and hot spots) may indicate problems with cavity wall insulation


 cavity wall thermal image

Use thermal imaging to assess condition of local authority and Registered Social Landlord housing stock.


Thermal imaging is a great tool to locate uninsulated sections of wall - your experienced thermographer should be able to interpret the patterns. In this case the whole wall was uninsulated. The initial infrared assessment was subsequently confirmed by visual inspection - a necessary validation of thermal imaging surveys. 

uninsulated wall thermal image

Use thermal imaging to find out whether insulation exists or only partially exists as below

uninsulated ceiling thermal image

The house below was built in 2009 had not been properly completed - sections of insulation were either missing or had been incorrectly fitted. Additionally as a result of the poor fitting of insulation, cool air was allowed to move within the walls - cooling the property further. This came from a client who asked "Why is my new house cold?" 

new house heat loss problem

Identify dampness on walls using thermal imaging

find damp thermal imaging

Often amongst the most useful images recorded images, are those that identify the unexpected - like this image highlighting an uninsulated section at the top of the wall. 

find missing insulation thermal imaging

Check for air leaks on new buildings using thermal imaging

air leaks tightness testing

The impact of closing blinds can be easily seen though infrared camera

save energy thermal image

Some heat loss problems are easy to fix  - once identified using thermal imaging - like this uninsulated hot water pipe running for 20m immediately below a single glazed window

uninsulated hot water pipe

The uninsulated steam and water pipes that are losing most energy can quickly be identified using thermal imaging

 uninsulated steam hot water pipes thermal imaging

Once identified and prioritised, energy leaks due to poor insulation of hot water and steam pipes can easily be reduced, often within a minimal payback period. Specialist companies like ISO Covers Ltd based in Staffordshire provide custom made coverings where required.

 uninsulated hot water pipe thermal imaging

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