Thermal Image UK offers a range of services on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Energy loss, continuity of insulation, and air tightness testing


Underfloor heating pipes and water leak detection.

There are two main types of problems we get asked to help solve.

1. Locating underfloor heating systems (both water pipes in screed and electric). A survey can help locate where these systems are located, either in advance of building work, or where there is a problem with the system. 

find locate underfloor heating

2. Locating the pipes serving a radiator system. Usually this is where there is a loss of pressure in the boiler system - indicating a leak - and the client has been unable to find it by conventional means. Thermal imaging can help detect the leak if the leak is causing a change in the temperature of the surface being viewed (usually the floor above, or ceiling below). The image below shows a hot spot under a slate bathroom floor, which subsequently turned out to be the location of the leak. 


Cavity wall insulation checks

The patchy nature of the image below, indicates likely problems with the cavity wall insulation which had been installed 10 years previously. Borescope viewing at a couple of hotspots confirmed that insulation had degraded in places within the wall.


Continuity of insulation - Part L

Continuity of insulation and thermal bridge surveys can best be checked retrospectively by thermal imaging. These surveys can be used to confirm compliance with Part L and Section 6 in Scotland. Please contact us on 01357 520557 for further information.

Please contact us to discuss any other specific applications.  

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