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25 November 2018

If you survey at the wrong time of day and with the wrong weather conditions, you may well get false hot spots!


23 November 2018

Another new build, another new build problem. Call on 01357 520557 for a thermal survey or visit



23 October 2018

The recent IPCC report on climate change states that if we are to restrict global temperature rises to < 1.5C we need to reduce CO2e emissions globally by 45% by 2030 (against 2010 levels). In the UK a large proportion of our CO2e emissions comes from heating buildings, especially houses.

It is therefore frustrating that we continue to allow new houses to be built that don't even comply with existing regulations.  In our experience this is as a result of poor workmanship, poor site supervision, poor regulatory and Quality Assurance processes, and a failure in the legal and other systems that operate in the UK to allow redress to homeowners who are victims of poor new build quality.  (The New Homes Ombudsman will hopefully significantly improve redress, but is yet to be implemented). 

The result, as well as a home that is more costly to heat, could be an additional 60 tonnes or more of CO2e emitted due to unnecessary heat loss, over the lifetime of EACH house.

To play our part, Thermal Image UK undertakes thermal imaging and air tightness testing on new buildings, and identifies areas of heat loss. If you're unfortunate enough to have purchased a poorly built new home, then the reports we provide can identify the problem areas, and provide you with evidence to take to the developer to hopefully initiate redress.

However to stop this happening in the first place, and to force action across the industry we need government to act. 

To try and accelerate government action, we are for a short period offering to undertake limited thermal surveys at no cost to home owners. This will provide enough information to confirm if there is a heat loss problem. This will allow us to provide anonymised data to government, and provide you with evidence to take to your developer. The offer is limited in scale and scope, but if accepted for survey you will get a set of thermal images of your home, and details of any problems we identify, referenced to BRs and NHBC standards. We may prioritise certain areas and developments at our discretion, but there will be no cost to you.

To take advantage of this offer call Tom on 01357 520557 or e-mail 

 missing insulation

16 September 2017

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14 March 2014

BREEAM Certified Buildings 

The top BREEAM Certified Buildings were announced at ECOBUILD last week. Click here for more information. If you'd like Thermal Image UK to undertake your BREEAM Thermographic survey call Tom on 01357 520557

17 September 2013

 Can thermal imaging find underfloor heating leaks?

As the days and nights become colder and heating systems are being switched on again, some unlucky people are finding that they have a leak and the boiler is 'losing pressure.' We've had a couple of calls over the past week from people with this problem.


The next question is usually "How accurate is the system at finding leaks?"

That's where it's important to explain what the thermal imaging camera can and can't do.

Thermal imaging only detects surface temperature. Read on



12 June 2013

What is thermal imaging? View the best images here

11 June 2013

What is the difference between Air Changes Per Hour and Air Permeability?

Still surprised that this still catches some people out. Both use the same numerator in the calculation - the number of cubic metres of air per hour leaking from a building. But for Air Changes per Hour the denominator is the internal volume of the building excluding internal walls and floors. For Air Permeability calculation, the denominator is the envelope size in m2 - floors, walls, windows, doors and ceilings. To make sure your tester carries out the correct test for you,call Tom Barbour on 01357 520557. We carry out air pressure (air leakage) testing on buildings across Scotland.


31 May 2013

Delighted to read that 3 clients have been nominated for the Scottish Home Awards 2013 - all on projects we worked on! Looking forward to what is going to be a great night for the air testing industry in Scotland!


27 May 2013

The secret to successful flat roof surveys is...................timing!  

Read more here


21 May 2013 

Is my building ready for an air tightness test? Find out here.


22 March 2013

How far can the camera see? - this is a question we get a lot! - find out here 


27 February 2013

Another classic application for thermal imaging is identifying problems with cavity wall insulation.

While infrared can be a useful tool on most building surveys, it's when identifying hidden problems such as damp or missing cavity wall insulation that it comes in to its own. Read our blog post


12 February 2013

Want to find out the top three reasons why your new house is cold? read on 


4 February 2013

Pointing the camera in the right direction! Understanding the problem is the key to solving it. Read our blog here.


28 December 2012

Top 3 reasons for failing an air test. Read our blog here 


15 November 2012

Extra BREEAM points with thermal imaging survey

Use a qualified Level 2 thermographer to carry out a thermal imaging survey on building completion, and you could secure additional point(s) for your BREEAM assessment. Call Tom Barbour on 01357 520557 for more information

29 August 2012

Strathaven Balloon Festival 2012

One of the most interesting things about thermal imaging is finding what you didn't expect. When the hot air balloons came to town last weekend I thought it would be a good opportunity to record some interesting images 

19 June 2012

Air Tightness Testing Scotland

Air Permeability testing otherwise known as Air Tightness Testing allows for the identification of air leakage and draughts in either new or existing buildings. As well as ensuring compliance with new building standards, identification of these can result in energy savings in existing buildings, providing appropriate measures are recommended. Being based in central Scotland, Thermal Image UK is ideally placed to offer competitive pricing for your air tightness testing requirements, from pre testing through to final certification. Find out more and book a survey here.

11 June 2012

Air Tightness Testing Scotland

Undertaking the right amount of work to ensure your house or building achieves target Air Permeability without becoming too air tight is providing challenges right across the building industry in Scotland. Air Tightness Testing of new buildings in Scotland became a requirement in 2011, and it can be costly to fail to achieve the target air tightness, or perhaps worse to become too air tight. Last minute inclusion of additional vents can allow reworking of SAP calculations, but these late changes are preventable. Thermal Image UK can undertake early air tightness testing prior to completion and can advise what air tightness you are currently achieving. For compliance with minimum standards, this can often be met through good site supervision and attention to good building practises, without the need to specify additional meaures. To arrange air tightness testing on your house or building, call Tom Barbour at Thermal Image UK on 01357 520557.

2 March 2012

Log on to !

Interesting new database where homeowners from across the country share their experiences of making their old homes more energy efficient. Use the postcode search function to locate the superhome nearest to you - then go along to one of their open days and be inspired! Visit the site here.

7 February 2012

Thermal Image UK free seminars (3rd - 6th April 2012)

Following on from the success of earlier breakfast talks across Scotland, we have just announced dates for similar presentations in London City, London West, London South and Birmingham. These will cover the range of benefits that a thermal imaging survey can bring. We will also cover details of Air Permeability testing (Air Tightness testing) for dwellings and non-dwellings. The seminars will take place between 3rd and 6th April 2012 and are free to attend.

The format is: -

08.30 am Registration, breakfast rolls and coffee

09.00 am Seminar begins

10.30 am Seminar ends

Advance registration is required, and up to two delegates from any organisation or company are invited. To register or for more information, send an e-mail to

11 January 2012

Weather improves - it's getting colder again!

Finally a change in the weather - temperatures set to drop over the next few days!! - back to work.

28 November 2011

The effects of weather on Air Tightness Testing and Thermal Imaging in Scotland and across the UK

A second week of high winds forecast over the next few days, along with mild temperatures and rain is playing havoc with our work schedule. Air tightness testing in Scotland (as elsewhere) requires favourable weather conditions. Wind puts pressure on the building which affects the measurement of air tightness (the test uses the difference in internal to external pressure in the calculation). Regardless of whether the dwelling is on the windward or leeward side, readings will be affected. Air Tightness Testing in Scotland is having a very positive effect on the energy efficiency of our housing stock, however it won't be happening this week! Similarly with thermal imaging infrared surveys, high winds and rain change the thermal patterns on the external walls of buildings making it difficult to take useful images. Call Tom on 01357 520557 for further information.

29 October 2011

Thermal Imaging used to detect empty tents outside St Paul's Cathedral (or not...)

Unusually high profile this week for thermal imaging, with claims and counter claims about whether thermal imaging equipment had detected that the protesters' tents outside St Paul's were in fact empty. At the wavelength most cameras operate, the camera would only pick up infrared energy emitted from the surface of the tent. So only if someone inside the tent had released enough body heat (or heat from cooking or lights etc) to change the temperature of the tent itself would that be detected from the outside. The camera cannot see through tents, or walls or most other things. However high resolution thermal imaging equipment (such as that operated by Thermal Image UK) set and operated correctly would be able to identify the small variations in surface temperature of a tent which was 'lived in.' This highlights the need to properly understand and interpret thermal images, and not just point and shoot - and we haven't even mentioned reflection or background temperature yet! None the less, the newspaper articles made interesting reading!


Daily Mail

New Statesman


25 October 2011

Cavity Wall Insulation Problems, Damp and Missing Cavity Wall Insulation

In response to an increasing number of requests to survey cavity walls to identify missing and damp cavity wall insulation, as well as other cavity wall insulation problems - we have extended our testing of cavity wall insulation to include borescope surveys. This service is aimed at individual homeowners and commercial and social landlords. Fast and accurate analysis to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. Call 01357 520557 now for more information.

14 October 2011

New round of Climate Challenge Fund funding

The Scottish Government has just announced a three year extension to the highly successful Climate Challenge Fund through to March 2015.

Climate Challenge Fund grants are primarily designed to help communities reduce their carbon emissions however action should also lead to other community benefits as well as a sustainable legacy.

The projects funded will be expected to be ambitious in their work to reduce carbon emissions over the lifetime of the Climate Challenge Fund and with the reductions continuing in the future as part of a strong legacy of your community's activities. Applications should also aim to strengthen local economies, improve community cohesion and other social objectives alongside making significant carbon emissions reductions.

Thermal Image UK has worked successfully with a number of communities supported by the Climate Challenge Fund. If you are considering putting in an application speak to us about how we can help you, and ask us to put you in touch with other community groups we have worked with.

Call Tom in the office on 01357 520557.

For more information on the new round of funding visit Climate Challenge Fund.

6 October 2011

Thermal Image UK free seminars (7th - 11th November 2011)

Following on from the success of our breakfast talks in Glasgow and Edinburgh earlier this year, we have just announced dates for similar presentations in Aberdeen, Inverness, Perth, Stirling and Dundee. These will cover the range of benefits that at thermal image survey can bring. We will also cover details of Air Permeability testing (Air Tightness testing) in Scotland for dwellings and non-dwellings. The seminars will take place in the week 7th - 11th November. The seminars are free to attend.

The format is: -

08.00 am Registration, breakfast rolls and coffee

08.30 am Seminar begins

10.00 am Seminar ends

Advance registration is required, and up to two delegates from any organisation or company are invited. To register or for more information, send an e-mail to

30 September 2011

Scottish Green Awards 2011 winners!

Congratulations to North Howe Transition Toun (NHTT) who last night were awarded the Best Green Community Initiative (sponsored by SEPA) at the 2011 Scottish Green Awards. Thermal Image UK is delighted to have been the thermal imaging partner for this innovative project and provided detailed thermal images for 300 houses. The award was in respect of not only the thermal imaging and carbon reduction elements of the CaRB Project, but also recognised the ongoing work of NHTT in path making, building the Park Shelter, setting up the Community Bakery and so many more great things. Well done to all!

If you'd like Thermal Image UK to help your community achieve great things, call Tom Barbour on 01357 520557 !

6 August 2011

Green Street publishes latest report

Anyone who has been following the British Gas Green Streets project will be interested in reading the latest report highlighting the successes and challenges of the project. More

For energy efficiency tips in older houses read our posting here 



26 July 2011

Space heating still 58% of total domestic energy costs

A recent Social Trends report published by the Office for National Statistics highlights that over half of domestic energy requirements are for space heating.

Our work on Air Tightness Testing in Scotland and across the UK has identified that one of the easiest ways individual households can reduce their heating costs is by taking basic steps to reduce draughts. In turn a draught free house is comfortable at a lower temperature. EST quote an 8% saving in heating costs for every 1 degree C the thermostat is turned down. For more information on how Thermal Image UK can help you reduce your heating bill call 01357 520557.

6 June 2011

Call for rapid upgrade of Scotland's worst energy-rated homes

Interesting report issued by WWF Scotland today...

"Starting with 150,000 of Scotland's most poorly insulated homes, a rapid increase in the pace and scale of improving the energy efficiency of our homes will be needed if we are to meet our climate change targets, protect public health and reduce fuel poverty, WWF Scotland said today (Mon 6 June).

The call follows the publication of a new report [1] by WWF Scotland which says that, in order to kick-start a much needed improvement in the energy efficiency of the nation's housing stock, by 2015 all homes sold or rented must meet the band 'E' rating on the Energy Performance Certificate scale (A-G). The average cost of achieving this is £2,600, with these costs being paid back within four years due to fuel savings. Nearly 40% of these homes could be improved for less than £1,000. Over time the standard would escalate to ensure we meet our climate change and fuel poverty targets.

click here for more

2 March 2011

Air Tightness Testing Scotland

Thermal Image UK director Tom Barbour has recently become accredited by BINDT to perform air tightness tests in Scotland in compliance with 2010 building regulations.

Being based in central Scotland allows us to offer competitive pricing on air tightness testing both during and post build. There may also be opportunities while we are on site to incorporate thermal imaging.
Call Tom or Ann at Thermal Image UK on 01357 520557 for further details.

2 August 2010

Thermal Imaging seminar Glasgow - Friday 1st October 2010 08.30 to 10.30am

Thermal Image UK is delighted to announce the hosting of a seminar in a central Glasgow hotel on Friday 1st October 2010 from 8.30-10.30am. The seminar will bring together a number of experts to deliver presentations on the benefits of building thermal imaging, electrical thermal imaging, new regulations for air tightness testing and thermal imaging flat roof inspections. The seminar is free to attend for building professionals and building owners and managers.

08.00 am Registration, breakfast rolls and coffee

08.30 am Seminar begins

10.30 am Seminar ends

Advance registration is required, and up to two delegates from any organisation or company are invited. To register or for more information, send an e-mail to

26 July 2010

Interactive House

EON Energy have put on-line an interactive tool to allow assessment of an individual house's energy needs and potential energy saving measures. Easy to use and fun for the kids too. See more at their website.

23 July 2010

Scotland's Housing Expo

Thermal Image UK will be visiting Inverness during August to view the 50+ sustainably designed houses on show at Scotland's Housing Expo 2010. Very exciting development for new build in the UK. Come for yourself or visit the website to find out more details.

24 November 2009

Water leak detection using thermal imaging

An increasing proportion of our work is detecting leaks in domestic and commercial heating systems. Where a boiler is losing pressure and the location of the leak is unknown clients are often warned that to find the leak contractors will have to lift large areas of flooring. This can be avoided - we use our cameras to track the path of hot pipes from the boiler round the system to the point where the pattern changes and we suspect the leak may exist. We then have other tools available such as borescope cameras, to help pinpoint the exact source of the problem. If you have a leak in your heating system call us now on 01357 520557.

3 November 2009

Google's PowerMeter now in the UK

Being able to see how much energy you are using in your home or business, and responding to that has great potential as a catalyst for taking energy efficiency actions. Google are now offering their PowerMeter tool in the UK to help consumers track energy use 'in real time' via their PC. More info from / British Gas or

31 October 2009

Interest free loans to fund solid wall insulation

A £2 million pilot fund is now accessible by homeowners in Scotland to borrow between £500 and £10,000 interest free over 8 years to fund energy efficiency measures to their homes. One of those measures is solid wall insulation. 50mm internal or external insulation can reduce heating costs of an average home by £380+ a year (source: Energy Saving Trust). Contact Energy Saving Trust on  0800 512 012.  

30 October 2009

Solar Decathlon 2009

While Thermal Image UK works to reduce the energy needs of buildings through reducing heat loss, many exciting projects are looking at how to provide power from sustainable sources. None more exciting than the annual Solar Decathlon held in Washington DC, a week long international competition that sees universities from around the world compete to run their house on energy solely from the sun. This years winners - Team Germany, even had surplus energy to sell back to the grid. More here

12 October 2009

Energy Efficiency Action Plan

Would an interest free loan of £10,000 encourage you to improve the energy efficiency of your home? The Scottish Government hopes so, and has consultation out until January 2010 to hear public and industry views. more

9 October 2009

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme getting closer

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment) will require large public and private sector organisations to improve their energy efficiency - with those saving the most energy (since 2008) appearing at the top of a league table. Financial rewards will be made to those at the top of the table, and penalties (to fund 100% of the rewards) to those at the bottom - the financial impact for poorly performing organisations will be great. With the introduction of this scheme less than 6 months away, organisations with half-hourly meters (HHMs) need to determine their electricity use for 2008, and those that used more than 6,000MWh through HHM in 2008, must get ready for the scheme. Further information is available on the DECC website. Thermal imaging will be one of the technologies being utilised by organisations looking to cut energy waste further.

18 September 2009

Why is my new house cold?

This is a question that we get asked 3 or 4 times a week. The answer is usually that while the specification for insulation and air-tightness in new houses is high, if components are not properly fitted and sealed 'false cavities' are created within the walls, allowing cool air to flow where it shouldn't, drawing heat from the living areas. The result - a house that should be very economical to heat ends up costing a lot more. Once the house is decorated and occupied retrospective repairs are costly and inconvenient. Much better to have houses checked by an independent thermographer prior to occupation. We've just completed our response to the Scottish Government's Consultation on improving Compliance with building regulations, where we set out the benefits for the occupier, the builder and our national emissions reduction targets of such an approach. If you are a housebuilder (or house owner) and would like further information on how Thermal Image UK can help you, please call Tom Barbour on 01357 520557.

27 August 2009

Homes & Interiors Scotland Exhibition

Thermal Image UK will once again be part of the Energy Saving Scotland Technology Showcase at the Homes & Interiors Scotland Exhibition being held at the SECC in Glasgow from 28 - 30 August 2009. We have a small number of complimentary tickets available for companies, organisations or individuals who want to come along and find out how we can help you save energy, call now on 01357 520557. Alternatively, tickets are available at the door.

17 August 2009

Student return drives 'flat' EPC market

Students taking on flats for the start of the 2009/10 academic year are driving business in the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) market. Since January 2009 landlords have been required to have EPCs in place for any new leases, however the market has been slow to take off. Tom Barbour, Director and one of Thermal Image UK's accredited energy assessors said "Landlords initially realised that EPCs weren't about to be immediately enforced, and so didn't rush to have them in place. However, with further changes in tenancy over the summer we're seeing an upturn in business. EPCs last for 10 years, and landlords recognise that prospective tenants are starting to ask about ratings." Thermal Image UK can provide your EPCs - call 01357 520557 for more details or e-mail  

8 August 2009

Energy Assistance Package offers more help to more people

For householders looking to cut their energy bills and make their homes warmer and more energy efficient, the new Energy Assistance Package offers more help to a wider range of people than any previous government initiative. In particular owners 60+ of properties that have never had central heating may be eligible for a new central heating system or boiler, and energy efficiency measures like draftproofing and extra insulation. More information by calling 0800 512 012 or by visiting the website.

24 June 2009

Scottish Government passes Climate Change Bill

The Scottish Parliament today passed an ambitious Climate Change Bill which sets targets for reductions of greenhouse gas emissions of 42% by 2020. more from the BBC

23 June 2009

Empire State Building retrofit

With building energy use accounting for up to 50% of carbon dioxide emissions, promoting effective refurbishment of existing buildings is vital if global energy reduction targets are to be met. Claiming the same pioneering approach that made headlines around the world when it was built, owners of New York's Empire State Building are embarking on a refurbishment project that will save tenants and building owners 30 - 40% on energy costs. Definitely one to watch with interest. more

19 June 2009

Building Thermography in action

Director Tom Barbour was today one of four speakers at Energy Action Scotland's quarterly Technical Update. These updates are delivered to housing and building professionals, particularly those active in helping eradicate fuel poverty. Tom's presentation provided an overview of the uses of building thermography, and highlighted in particlular the benefit of using infrared when acquiring a new building or following refurbishment. An increasing proportion of Thermal Image UK's work is for the owners of new houses which are found to be 'quick to cool.' Tom presented a number of images highlighting common problems with build quality which result in unecessary energy loss. Early identification of these problems, ideally before ownership is transferred, can avoid unecessary energy and capital costs in the future. 

12 June 2009

Independent confirmation of the usefulness of thermal imaging as a tool to assess energy loss in Scotland and across the UK is now available from the Carbon Trust website.

18 May 2009

Energy Efficiency Design Awards

Traditionally 'hard to treat properties' like tenements and solid walled buildings are among the targets of this Scottish Government scheme to find innovavtive ways of making them energy efficient. The scheme is open to house builders and developers as well as communities. More information from the Energy Saving Trust

29 April 2009

Additional funding for community groups

E.ON UK have just launched a Sustainable Energy Fund which will help communities access funding for a variety of energy efficiency projects. As well as funding, information on energy efficiency is available on their website.

6 April 2009

EU sets minimum standards for appliances.

In a move that Thermal Image UK expects to see repeated for buildings (existing as well as new), the EU has set new minimum energy efficiency standards for household appliances. Having brought in a rating system for appliances several years ago, this new measure will help drive up standards further. Commenting on the likelihood of similar developments in the property sector Tom Barbour, Director of Thermal Image UK said "While there is no currently no requirement for a landlord to improve the EPC rating of a building, we expect it is only a matter of time before similar legislation is introduced for property." Defra press release 

31 March 2009

Thermal Image UK to present at All Energy 09

Thermal Image UK will be among the presenters at All Energy 09 taking place in Aberdeen on 20 & 21 May 09. We will be part of the Industrial and Power Association (IPA) session "Vision to Action: A Scottish Industry Response" and Tom Barbour will present on "Building Thermography - Seeing Opportunities to cut Demand." Registration to the conference is free by following the link above.

30 March 2009

Greenpeace report issued "Creating the environment for Change" 

Greenpeace has today issued its report "Creating the Environment for Change" which sets out proposals to greatly increase investment to make existing homes and buildings more energy efficient. As part of our work thermal imaging buildings in Scotland and across the UK, we see on a daily basis the energy that is being needlessly lost, and recognise the huge opportunity that exists.

12 February 2009

Heat and Energy Saving Strategy Consultation

Department of Energy and Climate Chnage (DECC) has launched a consultation on plans to give every house an energy efficiency makeover, between now and 2050. Consultation is open until 8 May - see here for details

4 February 2009

A new report by consultants McKinsey & Co. highlights the potential to reduce emissions by improving energy efficiency. Follow this link to download report

3 February 2009

Scottish Government announces new green energy jobs by 2020

Of particular relevance to the work of Thermal Image UK is the intention to improve Scotland's energy use through a new Energy Efficiency Action Plan. You can read more on the Scottish Government's website

25 January 2009

Tory plans give householders up to £6,500 to improve energy efficiency

Britons will get £6,500 to make their homes more energy efficient under plans by the Conservatives to build a green economy in the UK. The plans are part of the opposition party's move to claim the environmental lead from Labour following the outroar form green groups at Thursday's announcement of a third runway at Heathrow.

Other measures announced include maximising the potential of untapped renewable energy sources such as waves, tides and biogas. Yesterday, the Guardian revealed Tory plans to build an "internet" for electricity using smart grids that would allow demand and supply to be managed in an intelligent and environmentally friendly way. Read more

22 January 2009

Energy saving light bulbs take over

Inefficient light bulbs are disappearing from UK shops - they're all being replaced by energy saving light bulbs.

Energy saving light bulbs are compact, bright and available in a wide range of shapes - so the only difference you'll notice is a drop in your electricity bills. Read more

15 January 2009

Climate Challenge Fund Awards

Communities across Scotland have been awarded over £4 million from the Climate Challenge Fund to help reduce their carbon footprint and save residents cash.

Successful projects include using wool to insulate homes, a local food network in Fife and Community Power Down, the first cross-community project awarded cash from the Fund.

The Climate Challenge Fund provides a total of £27.4 million to communities over three years to cut their carbon emissions at a local level. Read more

5 January 2009

Schools to go greener

Scotland's schools are to become greener under a new Government initiative to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Education Secretary Fiona Hyslop has announced a package of measures which will work towards a lower carbon school estate and meet the Government's commitments to have renewable generation in every school as well as contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent by 2050 as will be required under the Scottish Climate Change Bill. read more

2 January 2009

Audit Scotland publishes its assessment of public sector energy efficiency, and finds that while energy consumption has fallen, expenditure has risen.

Read the full report here

27 December 2008

Cost-cutting Green home-insulation proposals could attract millions in ERDF funding

SCOTLAND could receive tens of millions of pounds in European Union funding if MSPs agree to agree to a groundbreaking £100 million environmental scheme being proposed for next year's budget by the Green Party.

The EU Commission is to open its £300 billion European Regional Development Fund to co-finance national, regional or local schemes which reduce carbon emissions and promote domestic renewables. Commissioners, who are still considering their options on the fund, are looking for regions to pilot new ideas on a large scale........ read more

16 December 2008

Enforcement of EPCs delayed

Local authorities now have the discretion to delay the strict enforcement of the EPC as required after 4th January 2009. This can now be delayed until the 31st March 2009 as long that the responsible person has made "reasonable enquiry" to obtain an EPC. more

10 December 2008

Scottish Parliament Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee

Link to round-table discussion on the Energy Inquiry here

Frank Mitchell (ScottishPower), Jason Ormiston (Scottish Renewables), Keith MacLean (Scottish and Southern Energy), Mike Thornton (EST), Duncan McLaren (Friends of the Earth Scotland), Robert Armour (British Energy), John Stocks (Carbon Trust)

8 December 2008

Changes to Loan Action Scotland

The Loan Action Scotland programme was today transferred to the Energy Saving Trust in Scotland to manage and administer. The scheme will also change in name from Loan Action Scotland to Energy Saving Scotland - small business loans. The scheme provides loans from £1,000 to £100,000 at 0% fixed interest to help businesses install measures that reduce energy consumption or to install renewable energy technologies. The scheme is aimed at Scottish businesses that fall within the EC definition of Small and Medium sized Enterprise (SME), private sector landlords, not-for-profit organisations and charities. More - Energy Saving Scotland - small business loans

23 October 2008

Prospective clients looking for EPCs in Scotland can now log on to BRE Scotland's website to validate that their assessor is approved by a recognised organisation.

Thermal Image UK is proud to be part of the BRE scheme

 15 August 2008

Thermal Image UK is gearing up to be one of the first providers of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), when they become mandatory in Scotland from 4 January 2009. After that date all house/flat rentals, and all commercial properties sold or rented as well as all public buildings, will require an EPC. (House sales will require an EPC from 1 December 2008) EPCs will provide a rating of A to G, based on how energy efficient a property is.

 20 July 2008 - new website goes live

Following several weeks in production, the new website for Thermal Image UK was launched today, providing clients with direct access to their images stored on Thermal Image UK's server. The site also provides access to the latest news and developments in thermal imaging, and energy matters. Tom Barbour, Director of Thermal Image UK commented "We're delighted with the new look site, it's clean and simple and hopefully provides our clients with what they've been asking for."



1st May 2008 - Climate Change Summit

Delegates at the Prince of Wales' May Day Summit on Climate Change were today able to view the latest in high performance thermal imaging equipment, when Thermal Image UK demonstrated one of their NEC TH9260 cameras at Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh.

 Read our blog

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