air leakage at balloon festival?!

Strathaven Balloon Festival 2012

One of the most interesting things about thermal imaging is finding what you don't expect. When the hot air balloons came to town in August I thought it would be a good opportunity to record some interesting images.

I was surprised when the first image appeared to show air 'leakage' on the side of a balloon - but on catching up with pilot Ian Sharpe afterwards he confirmed it as the 'turning vent' and also advised that the inside surface of the balloon can be at 100 C.


In the next image, the balloon on the left is being inflated by a cool (ambient) air blower and blends in thermally with the surroundings. 


Once partly inflated the crew switch to the hot air burner to set the balloon upright, this image nicely shows the principle of hot air rising (see temp bar in centre of image)


  .....up, up and away! 

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